27 January 2012


Nope, not the sport- a puppy! (Obviously, since this is a petz blog...) He just opened his eyes today, and already he seems like a smart, optimistic dog. He has good taste too, might I add- his first solid food was a turkey dinner, which he ate clear down to the bone, as his mama concernedly watched on.

You can see him snuggling with his half-brother, Arby (Toast's puppy!)

06 January 2012

New puppies!

One of my favorite dogs is Chevy, a fuzzy shorty with a large daschund-shaped head! He might be small, but he's got the personality of a Great Dane. On a whim yesterday, I bred him with one of my shorty Danes, and got a puppy who looked a lot like him. I then bred that puppy to another Dane. So Chevy became the grandpa of some super cute puppies! See for yourself!

04 July 2011


Toast had another little baby this week, and she's the sweetest, sleepiest thing I've ever seen! And she's a shorty with scottie markings, so pretty cute huh?
She's easy to please and pretty independent of her mama. Toast still tries hard and doesn't get much sleep because of it!

03 June 2011


He's just about all grown up, and he's still one of my very favorite dogz! You might think he's plain-looking, but he's got such a sweet personality that I can't help but love. And I've loved his granddad and mom for quite some time too :)

04 May 2011


She's all grown up now, and even had her first puppy (Finn, who you can see two posts below this... or he's the fuzzy grey thing staring at her while she's sleeping in this picture)...
I dressed her up all nerdy in pink today and she LOVED it. You can't say this dog isn't fun! I also submitted her registration for PKC so we can do some companion showing :)

26 April 2011

Coming along

I started hexing this cute guy yesterday! Not bad for a one-day job, right? I still have some changes I want to make, but I couldn't resist showing off my progress so far! =)

22 April 2011

Pups of the Week

Some of my very favorite dogs had their puppies! I am definitely keeping Finn (who is Toast's puppy), and possibly keeping Nuit, just because I have been in love with his whole family ever since his grandsire was born =) If you're interested in Moodle or Fox, message me!